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I want to have an affair

I want to have an affair

salaciously exuberant free

surging with pulses of the earth beneath

and fires of the stars caressing night skies

writhing with passion dripped in the exhaustion of days

the warmth of dreams wrapped about souls

comforted in exhaled moments coveted none so lightly


I want to have an affair

an affair with


Fill me

fill me with the peace of ages
the soft things of the sea
fill me with the calm of the stars
the expanse of the universe
fill me with the knowing of a thousand flowers
the beauty of spring for a time
fill me with the understanding of a rain drop
the life of a moment drawn out in the
moment of a moment dropping from
a storm onto the pavement
fill me
fill me
fill me with peace

When the melody of the day

When the melody of the day has laid out in gray

contemplation of eager manipulation

and trembling trepidation,

pause, breathe deep.

Close your eyes and feel the world

without care,

slip past unkindness unhindered,

pass by the wails of failure and

the fear of frustration,

into the depths of a place only

poets dare to go… and know.

Today is just a day.

It tripped,

it stumbled,


and fell flat,

but at the end, it is…

just that… past.

Now, is where you are.

And where you are – is beautiful.


Delight in moments inconsequential

billowing across blue watercolor skies

breathe in the vision

close your eyes and draw them on memory

for these are treasures waiting

to reveal themselves when consequential

days gather weight and storm

A more glorious day

Bright is the sun
finding its way
into the room
between leaves
tracing shadow
in the kitchen window
to cracks in curtains
hiding my inside.
A more glorious day could
not be comprised or
by my own hand.
So I shall breathe deeply,
lingering here as
shadows of evening
fade into earth
and sky deepens its shade
of sapphire;