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it sits
quietly waiting
impatiently tantalizing
somberly still
upon the edge of red
behind white pearled walls
rooted into the soul
outside many willing
gossips pry
priests and patrons
pass slowly by
entreating with wiles
whim and merry
but alas
even under such
longing and lusted stress
this secret
will simmer
where it is

A thought – no title

I long to scream
but linger in silence
desire kiss
but savor no embrace
wait to speak
but no words issue
reach out in dreams
but wake still as held breath
and who am I to wonder
the threads of possibilities linger
only in my head
unless, and until, and perhaps if
merrily wait at the window sill
though their songs cannot
I alone sit in this
with out a soul to confess to.

A confession

For whatever deed I have done
to deserve the kindnesses given
I know it not, and confidently give voice
……    “I will never sufficiently return it”

Perhaps days some time hence,
when the dust of life has settled
when ere the frost of age is laid
upon our tables,
we shall share a mug of bests
delights of our senses
and speak adventures here.
And if surely not upon this life –
perhaps upon the next.