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A thought – no title

I long to scream
but linger in silence
desire kiss
but savor no embrace
wait to speak
but no words issue
reach out in dreams
but wake still as held breath
and who am I to wonder
the threads of possibilities linger
only in my head
unless, and until, and perhaps if
merrily wait at the window sill
though their songs cannot
I alone sit in this
with out a soul to confess to.

re·ful·gent /riˈfo͝oljənt, -ˈfəl-/

No longer lingering on the possibility of be,

the heart upon a dream first discovered

realizes it was all along and

bathes in refulgent reflections

of knowledge

will and wonder

forsaking in joyous celebration

the shadows of shrug and doubt.

Freedom comes to the Bold

I want to take a moment to remind people of something important:

Freedom does not come because it is desired. It does not come because it is asked. It does not come because a people think it should. It comes when demand it, stand up for it, and voices lift up behind it. Then, and only then, when all those for it come together and in a resounding voice ring it out – will Freedom come to rest upon the hearts of those enslaved by the forces of discrimination, degredation, demoralization, defamation and destruction. Only then. SO



If there were 80 ways

like 80 days to traverse

the world of your soul

I would do it.

I would

set out in a balloon

float across ocean of memory

plod up mountains of disasters

and valleys of little deaths

run though forests of dreams

and cross fearlessly, deserts.

I would

eat with kings who knew you

share with paupers and prince alike

The meanings of you to be discovered

over miles of field and flight.

but that is if I had 80 days

and alas, my friend, I have but one

day, hour, minute and breath

to tell you you are worth

every single step it takes

for 80 days

and I would