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Valley of Death

[Written to:  Song of Sheherazade ]

Wind whips whispering want

each step a sip of winters wailing

and springs unfortunate delay.

Sky dangerously dark above

earth languidly unaware of soles

pressed defiantly deep upon it

carry one, who,

wrapped in weary wandering,

a wisp waging war against

gods who no longer speak

and siren songs no longer singing,

walks towards the edge of possibility

seeking a thing desired yet un-obtained.

Lo, thirst for rain does not grant it

nor retching render a ransom of hunger’s despair.

Dust for tears strangle sound

to subjugate doubt with oppression and fear!

All here gnash and gape and claw

at the heart of the feet who

carry it.

What is this madness?

Who, in a seeming sea of uncelebrated hubris,

rages yet again in this, an immortal and hopeless, quest?

A reply slips free

“’tis the quest of the living

the survival of a dream.”

Spring Storms

Storms passed by the other day and the way they came in left quite an impression. Quickly the sky changed from sun to cloud, the wind whipped up as if furiously pushed beyond its measure, and the tenor of the morning was electrified with anticipation. What was coming!?

Then without hesitation the sky opened as the clouds resounded its warning, albeit seemingly late. The windows were awash blurring every already muted color. The building shook with each beat of sky. It was over in a matter of minutes – a half an hour no more. It left us without so much as a kiss goodbye or much evidence it had come save for the homage of leaves and branches scattering the ground.

The sun took its place once more, the day was all the more clear.

Tattooed Determination

Press the day into your skin
the fires of every experience
burned into the sinew of soul
coursing veins of fearless connection
into the actions of tomorrow

“You have every right to dream”
I hear my inner self cry out
as the heat of the trials of doing
leave their marks
their scars
their veiled threats of failure
I will undo
with each step back to standing
with each step back to forward
with each step toward… me

Yes, press the day into your skin
set the fire in remembrance of what you have accomplished
into the notion of every breath
and breathe in the future to become
what you see yourself being


you have every right to dream
and you have every right to be

so dream and be

Fickle is the realm of the heart

Fickle is the heart

joyous of a day

jealous of a star

balm of a tear

weary of a sigh

and yet I would not trade

its wisdom for all of the world

not a piece

not a fraction for

every certainty the Gods have to give

I will carry this fickle beast

within my chest

and let it journey me

through places near and far

let it teach me courage

and to be here

where you are

so be it

the whimsical mystery of

the ambrosia of life

so be it

so beat it

fickle be the heart

but in love

it, and I, shall remain.

We will Stand

{{this is for the girls in Texas and every other person who has faced hatred- some have lost some have survived.  My heart is heavy but so are my words}}

We will Stand

They will come at you with fire and steel

with sharp edged teeth and claw

with suffocating hate filled smoke

broken glass taped words

to lash out in every manner of fear

they will come

they will come at you with stone and rod

breathing fire and brimstone words

with fingers twisted fist in fall

batter seeking lacerating law

filled with devastation

deviation of truths

stifle, riffle, ruffle and loot

every notion of dream

they will come pitchforked words

in halls of laws and carry their

continence of gods in and effort

to bend our knees

kiss our heads to the ground


we will stand


we will meet them with held hands

words edged with pride for who

we are and backs backed

a hundred fold of spirited

heart and girded souls

we will NOT go quietly

we will NOT perish without

our voices being heard

without one more

one more

another more

going down

We will stand

and when one more

is going down

we will step forward

we WILL step forward

and should all of we

turn in to me

I will meet them

all the same.