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Requiem Dreaming

Requiem Queen

of my dreaming

steal my wishful thinking

make real the passing of

stars mindward

bring me whole through the veil

stretched thin in sleep

let me breathe where

now only modern bells

dully sound

Allow chance choice and charity

mystery, magics, and madness

manifest touchable.

Please, do not leave me


do not leave me


not here.

Tattooed Determination

Press the day into your skin
the fires of every experience
burned into the sinew of soul
coursing veins of fearless connection
into the actions of tomorrow

“You have every right to dream”
I hear my inner self cry out
as the heat of the trials of doing
leave their marks
their scars
their veiled threats of failure
I will undo
with each step back to standing
with each step back to forward
with each step toward… me

Yes, press the day into your skin
set the fire in remembrance of what you have accomplished
into the notion of every breath
and breathe in the future to become
what you see yourself being


you have every right to dream
and you have every right to be

so dream and be

Listeners, readers, finders of lost thoughts

There is always a place set for you at the table of humanity. Here we feast with all – the music makers, sword wielders, word smiths, lovers and politicians – the dreamers, dealers, doubters, passionate doers and delayers – the seekers of truth, liars, queens, princes, and paupers – the young, youthful, the old, frail and frightened – the mourners, merry makers, joy keepers and neglectors. Here we feast with all and it is up to us to find the conversations which delight us, eat and drink of the wisdom which most fills us, and toss the bones of our fears or freedom to the beasts of our past.

So, listeners, readers, finders of lost thoughts – spell weavers, singers, and painters of possibilities – be well to hear the things which give you joy and dampen out the clamoring mess with your songs.

Pass this life

Pass this life
in the breadth of thought
and still dream for
more to come
Simplest notion
of immortality
raises hopes
and longings for
a now not yet come;
and wonder I
in this course
road traversed
and folly?
do they fail to see
the now that is
leaving life
frail and brittle?

Dare to Dream

#BeDaring Dare to dream Dare to see possibilities and the know without a doubt you CAN achieve. There is nothing so great as a dream realized and a heart who who has traveled every adversity and heard every doubt to see it possible. So Dare to Dream.