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Apple pie

Dusted in white
slivered sweet
enlightened with spice
rolled baked with love
not perfect
no one would call me Stewart
save perhaps when
all sit together
empty plates smiling
forks clinking done
conversation and company
sharing in this our
wonderful life.

Fill me

fill me with the peace of ages
the soft things of the sea
fill me with the calm of the stars
the expanse of the universe
fill me with the knowing of a thousand flowers
the beauty of spring for a time
fill me with the understanding of a rain drop
the life of a moment drawn out in the
moment of a moment dropping from
a storm onto the pavement
fill me
fill me
fill me with peace

Rest here

When your road leads too long into the distance

when the sun sets and shadows take the path

when stars hide, and moon dives behind clouds of

storms, anticipating,

Rest here, by my hearth

by the flames of kith and kin -ship.

Do not let weary doubt o’er take you

for in this moment we will rejoice in how far you have come

and tomorrow set out


Evan’s Reprieve

He twists

shifts and sifts

through sheets

newly laundered

as if he is swimming

in a sea of solitude

comfort and relief;

today is Saturday.

today is


The only day

left unmolested

by the comings and goings

of school yard antics

sideshow panics

where his face is

made up as

beautiful as his

lineage has imposed.

Where every girl he

knows throws

and throttles to be

the hand upon his knee


one wearing his letter

fetter and ring

because he is


of nothing.

He twists more

realizing the mental


the soulful onslaught

of wearing an unwanted


is creeping into his world

and it is Saturday!

Sifting tighter.


door bell.

What now?!

Evan…. EVan

EVAN! Come down!

And so the play begins

the drop down

dive and bend

to the will of the

money makers and

game gang bangers

of his ‘sophisticated’ life

Meet Mr. CEO

and his queen

meet the paster and

his dreams

we gave money to

the church and the


our boy will be

known be


and all he

really wants is to be

back in bed

because it is


But here they come

the Duke and his wife

with dutchess in tow

because the wheels of

torture must continue to

pull tug and tow

his line into the future

but its not

his future

its not his


because it is Saturday

he longs to sneak off to the waters


to dip his toes into the sound of


and dream of warmer hands

and a life he will never have

because all he hears is


the drive and motivation

the grandchildren he will

be making

the woman he must bed

because he must wed

his life to the vices of his


and be the ‘Man’

and they will sing

great is the king

but damn it

it is Saturday

Evan isn’t listening

he is out of his mind

he is running out of time

the court is adjourning

and he is turning into

the very thing he hates

the Football jock instead

of the boy who sings

the Frat man on campus

instead of with the man

on campus

…. and it seems


to know all this

as he stares out the window

and dreams


is a reprieve…

unless you

are the son

of a king.


{{written in e.e.cummings style}}


Memory is more fragile than porcelain

more strong than granite’s soul

more stuck on repeat than mockingbird

more weightless then summer’s gold

it is maddeningly vivid and vivacious

and sanely it nevermore is

than all the stars flickering in violent

contraction are beautiful

Memory is less forever than rainbows

less forgetful than why

less remembered than sometimes

less hopeful than unhurt

It is always loud in soft places

and never quiet in traffic jams

or when all the night has

covered land, and see and eyes

Memory is tougher than hide

more weaker than shattered glass

and only when cats have tongues

will memory ever be unlast

Intrepid Feet

Intrepid feet step largely out of the ordinary into new territory expecting nothing but the blessings of the path laid before and knowing even when the gales blow, the lightening strikes, and the cougar stalks, the path is still a blessing and must be made – for no change every came of those who stayed inside with doors locked and windows drawn. No change ever came from fear – only intrepid feet stepping out of the ordinary… into extraordinary spaces.

::speak peace and intrepid on::

Taste the Rainbow – thoughts on a shooting

In the minds of many there are only two
there is no shade
no definition of hue
white to be hated
black to be hated
…. no rainbow
no brilliant red
no shade of blu
no confident green
or boldly orange and yellow
there are no exceptions
only rule.
I get all the anger
I myself am enraged
ENRAGED…. at the suffering
of innocence and the
blood spilled every day.
but blaming an other
won’t find justice this day.
Evil is done
it exists in every shade, shape
and shadow
and the irony is
Good can wear
a similar face.
so… how do we tell
when there is evil about?
I can tell you what it is not…

It’s not a bag of skittles
it is not the hat, hood or hair
its not the jeans, the shirt
or the shoes that they wear
no height, not the weight
not the shadow or shade…
it is the gun in the hands
of men who wield only fear
and unfortunately for us all
they come in every shade
just as the skittles that fell to the ground
and silenced you that day.

:: May we remember this and fight injustices for all people of all color, all creed, all age, all gender… who we are is not the fabric God sewed us in, nor the place the Divine placed us on this earth, but the character we have while we are here – may we remind people who wield only fear that we will not scummed to their vision of the world but that we will stand together to fight atrocities wherever they may be::

Not Standing

((Work in Progress))

It is not ok
To seethe at injustices hand
but turn and slap me,
who is standing with you.

It is not ok
to scream at institutions
and turn and punch me,
who is standing WITH you.

It is not ok
to rail at inequalities
then turn around and assail me,
who is STANDING WITH you.


because one day, you will turn to attack and I won’t be standing…

Pain, on an intellectual level

I am experiencing pain, on an intellectual level

all this heart ache from regress

and distress

fool situations

has given rise to a depression

and negotiated

my hearts demise.

Am I the only one who

has figured it out

who sits in disbelief

at the words

we all shout?

News on one station or

another calls the opposite its enemy

Blames all the hate in the world

on one single presidency

and fails to accept any

ANY responsibility

Color and gender

are thrown out the window

because opposites

are surely the problem…


I mean if your black your…

if your white your…

if your a woman your….

if your gay, straight, tall, or short…your



your life is worth


because God made you

different? and really?

is that the excuse?

the reasoning for all this

abusive behavior?

What are we teaching

the younger


What lessons can they impart

from the way we

deal with each

each other

from person to nation

I can tell you in part…

we have children dying

at the hands of those to keep us safe

running to survive

under intense situations

with red or blue

or some cryptic

new gang marketing team

selling their brand of deliverance

at the cost of their soul

We have churchs hating

the ones they should love

and the love that we share

just isn’t enough

One gets blamed for the end of the world

while bullies take note

and help end the life of a boy

or girl just getting ready to fly

instead we visit funerals

because they were made

to feel life was a lie…

….I really am experiencing pain,

because this could all go away

or at least be easier to handle

if we just stopped

for a minute…


for a minute……



Wake up world are you listening

there is a crisis of mental proportion

enslaving visions of difference

into deviations

of darkness

when in reality all we are

is each other’s favored keeper

meant to lift each other up

and  keep away

the reaper.

we have two hands

so we can lend one

so why don’t we?

Wake up worl are you listening?…

((workign draft… still working))

Lift one person up

Lift one person up today –
even if that person is
Because despite
whatever or whoever
is in your way
pushing down
or telling you to stay
you are different
un-[Insert any word here you would want to be]
you are none of those things

You are beautiful…. the way you are….

and I don’t mean only
after you get dressed
after you have put on make- up
tied your best tie
done your hair
or put on your favorite [insert any fav attire here]
I mean naked to the soul
down right open and readable
from the scar on your left cheek
that no one can see
to the birth mark you hide
to the hand you want to hold
to the secrets you’ve never told
to the thoughts screaming out
even when words can’t slipout …

you are beautiful.

And I am beautiful.
And you, and you, and yes
you in the back…

you are beautiful

AND without you – the world would be less beautiful…
don’t you get it….
Because I want you to get it
I want you to absorb
what I am telling you…
absorb the words
I am spelling out
at this mic
this stage
with these words
these hands
this heart…

There will be boots in your face
there hands barring your way
gut kicks and
laws from men you don’t even know
that try to break you
but if I have learned one thing
in my 38 years of living a life
– of which most of them were lived in ugly silence –
is that you are beautiful
and the more beautiful people standing
with you and beside you
that you
LET stand
with you
and beside you….
the smaller the ugly gets.


Lift one person up today – even if that person is just yourself… because despite whatever or who ever is in your way, pushing you down or telling you to stay away, that you are different, unworthy, unloved, un-[insert any word here you would want to be] – you are none of those things…

The way you are.