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Press against resistance

deliver from moments left on the floor

scattered across the hall

I run.

Seething at darkness creeping

into photograph ghosts left hanging

littering walls with pain

I run.


Where can I go
Where the images cannot touch memory
and memory not ravage tender heart bleeding?

and so I run
down halls with walls hung with tears.

There it stood

There   it    stood

grand and open
wide enough for both
dreams and my doubt
it called to me like an old friend
a lover past into the ages
a stranger eager to meet
my out stretched hand
entreating me to give way to
whatever divine experiment
lay ahead but

my    feet     stayed

It was not light enough
the time was not right
the stars in sextile motion
lay just off center in the
retrograding discovery
lions awaited surely
just beyond the wood
or maybe dragons long since
gone but awakened just for me
no, seriously, I kid you not
perhaps disease or malice
harm, trouble and pain
play cards at the base of the hill
an empty seat for me to
join them but

There    it     stood

grand and open
whispering of bravery
courage and a life well lived
as if this covered wall would
not sustain me
surely it had in times past
surely it will stand times more
its cold rough hewn edges do not
lean even for a minute
hand reaches out to caress

nothing    reaches    back

now the heart must decide
if living is worry or if living is
facing the world beyond
if motion towards mornings
yet believed to come will come
if evenings will signal stars or thieves
if love is in short supply and if even
the lion or dragon or fearsome beast
will comply with such a simple emotion
and let a traveler pass out of mercy
may haps storms will drench
fires chase
stones to stumble and hearts to break

There    it    stood laughing gleefully behind me

as pavers and tuffs of grass greeted my

soles with joy

and I the road ahead.


A postcard sits written
stamps adhere to edges
the front a cloud of words
mingled with sense
while the address
cries out to be sent
and yet
it sits
between the stapler
and the tape
held unmoved by
fear of trespassing
and the turbulent voices
of what if…



Confidence comes because we believe in ourselves and in our abilities. Belief comes with practice. It comes with trusting in your abilities, not because someone else does but because you do.

So stop worrying about what others think and start practicing considering what you think. It is not always easy, but each time you move forward and feel the creep of doubt and the voice ofdissent starting to speak, shut them up and seek your heart. Do you like what you have done? Is this thing, action, art, work, writing… a good reflection of you?

And in that moment – of either yes or no – you gain confidence to be you.

So, #BeConfident – appreciate you despite all of the noise – and walk with purpose and pride in the direction of your dreams!