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Salt in the wound

I grow furious
with the perpetuation
of the negation
of my gender,
through handmedown
stories created to
find defect
in everything

I am

by hands
un-bled by the moon
nor birthed memory from womb
but have painted every ”
good thing done
in the shadowed
of babel’s fruit.

I am

neither weak
nor the cause
of your ill fortune

We, neither male nor female
neither old nor young
rich nor poor
straight nor gay
creed or none,
are the masters of our souls.

Master peace and find peace.  Master self and others will see your truth.

Master hatred and find only hate.

Like A Girl

Like a Girl!

I hate the ‘P’ word.
You know the one –
P. U. S. S. Y.


It reduces
it seeks to control
ruin and distort
the female form
– a portion of her power
into the going rate
of your verbal hour

Do you call a man by his bits?
Do you get props and rises for diminishing his shit?


Men and women
use the word
equally as much
Negating her function
to a disembody word
of destruction
to reduce her to ‘it’
as in
make it drip
reach out and slap that shit
hit it
bend it
pull out your fraction
and divide it.
Then use it to
abbreviate and
tear down
the other soul
in masculine form
through insinuation
that in this tirade
man would see it as
a degrade
as if being called a girl
in any capacity
is something
horrible and
unworthy of
any one…

Don’t you see what has been done?
Don’t you see the abuse?

And don’t give me that excuse
that respect surrounds it
when you use it – bull shit.

So let me set the record straight.

I ::insert any word here:: like a girl.
Every thing I do is
like a girl.
Because I am
a girl
And what I have done and am going to do, will what?
be. like. a. GIRL!

I’ve seen the world
gone from west to the east coast hittin it
speaking a number of languages
hiked to the top of 2446 steps of God and made it
dreamed dreams
seen them sprout
blossom and be
caught home base and
made ‘em hate it
shaken steppin to the plate
cuz I owned it!
skied down mountains in a blaze
trippin up to gold
on my way down
as an
met CEOs and Queens
Carried Shrines of God
on my shoulders
in the rain
Mastered the arts
visualize the degree
set my spit on fire
Sank giants to their knees
the list goes on
the conquests of my world
But… guess what…
I did it like a girl.

So the next time you utter
the word I will not mention
or seek to degrade
a person by gender
I suggest you think twice
what your words mean
and to this end
think of your mother, your wife,
child or girlfriend
would you diminish her
for a moment in the
spot light?
Instead remember truth
and let it unfurl
There is power and strength
in being. a. Girl.