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Mulberry Glen

Silent rapture of autumn
mingle mulberry mummers unmoved
across ocean of cian moors
to deep to cross without drowning

Thus we are left on wind and glen
suffering only a hope
To whisper it lasting


Girl in Pink

((only slightly scandalous… it’s a limerick for pete’s sake! lol))

A girl in a pink dress went out walking

The men all stood close plainly gawking

a whistle or two

“Don’t you know what I do?”

and the girls on the street started blushing

A girl on a step

She has not

wandered yet into

the world of unwanted


or unwepted

She sits confidently

on the steps and

leans her chin into palm

so nonchalantly even the wind

sighs in her contentment

her youthful ability to see the world

just as it is at this moment

without prejudice

without care

without a hint of

overlapping layers

photoshoped and

pristine in their creation


is a girl

sitting on a step

looking out at the grass


why to a hundred

questions she’ll

one day answer

but for now

is just the envy

of the aged

and the curiosity of

passing ants lingering

near her shoe.