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Vicarious Visions

Vehemently viewed
through the color
of rose stained
glass windows
on Church Street
where dinner
is served to the poor
and homeless on sunday
after a bout of
motivational-ly fearful
words spill out
like rice
cakes on the floor
hard to munch
hard to swallow
and then there
are those
who are not poor
not hungry
just regularly
requesting rights
routinely written
given and protected
by the representatives
at the front of the
try not to get mean
and trample on the values
we have yet to possess
in all of the contests
behind rose windows
do so uphold
with their noses
in the air
looking down

How I wish for a stone
to rattle
against the windows
and ‘righteous’
((reposted from older blog nowhiteclouds))