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Some days silence is all I have to write with
my soul paper upon which to scribe
and my heart the only witness

…but even this is loud.

Fickle is the realm of the heart

Fickle is the heart

joyous of a day

jealous of a star

balm of a tear

weary of a sigh

and yet I would not trade

its wisdom for all of the world

not a piece

not a fraction for

every certainty the Gods have to give

I will carry this fickle beast

within my chest

and let it journey me

through places near and far

let it teach me courage

and to be here

where you are

so be it

the whimsical mystery of

the ambrosia of life

so be it

so beat it

fickle be the heart

but in love

it, and I, shall remain.