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Remember child…

Remember child, as you wander the paths before you, some will be difficult. The road will be filled with ramble, rumble and thorn. It will also lead you near cool streams and hearths of friendships fire. So do not despair when the cold wind blows and the howl of doubt and fear draw close. No keep your wits about you and press on towards the horizon of your dreams. For the journey is about the beginning, the end and all of the in-betweens. A life lived is caught in storms, left tear-filled at the base of strong oaks, and laughing in the arms of those who find you and whom you find. Finally, when the days come to their long conclusion – rest assured you arrived and rejoice in the stories you have written in the world by the heart within you. #BeYou and #NeverGiveUp .

Rest here

When your road leads too long into the distance

when the sun sets and shadows take the path

when stars hide, and moon dives behind clouds of

storms, anticipating,

Rest here, by my hearth

by the flames of kith and kin -ship.

Do not let weary doubt o’er take you

for in this moment we will rejoice in how far you have come

and tomorrow set out