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Verdant luck dripping

Verdant luck dripping
from seams of star lit hope
on my soul’s jacket
a pocket of stolen joy
bursting to break free
of all and everything
I was
ever ever
suppose to be.

I find myself
on cold green earth
plucking petals
dashing daises to the ground
under feet of youth
should I breath
would you?

and should I
should I wish
upon a star above
a clover leaf of God
would I hear
my heart wishing
may it never

Oft we find

When oft we find ourselves
in a questioning, a searching for a next
sojourning in-between failure and success
the temptation to reside
build a home and call it done
sirens of ‘good-enough’ singing sweetly;
cast the heart upon the once dreamed
and embrace with much bold endeavoring
our feet to the path yet ended

Enduring Tenacity

The waters rushed in
hard breaths over rocks
seemingly unwilling to be moved
yet the ocean continued
Undaunted, unrelenting.
I, in admiration sat
myself breathlessly recognizing
though the movement seemed futile
in the end
a millennia may see its succeed
indeed have not the records
sealed in stone
found fish resting and nesting
in the dust of Colorado Plains?

re·ful·gent /riˈfo͝oljənt, -ˈfəl-/

No longer lingering on the possibility of be,

the heart upon a dream first discovered

realizes it was all along and

bathes in refulgent reflections

of knowledge

will and wonder

forsaking in joyous celebration

the shadows of shrug and doubt.