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You have said to me impossible

You have said to me it is impossible
to understand the troubles of your soul
the color of my skin prevents me
the nature of my love forbids
But I am here to tell you
not that you are wrong but that in fact
you are right
My heart has never broken – as yours
but it has broken
My eyes have never cried – as yours
but they have cried
My hands have never bruised – as yours
but they have bruised
My dreams have never been beaten – as yours
but they have been beaten
My words never questioned – as yours
but they have been questioned
My status never forced – as yours
but it has been forced
My sex never stolen – as yours
but it has been stolen
My person never denied – as yours
but it has been denied
And so – you are right and clear when you say I do not know
the pain that you have felt or the fear you have been given
but then neither have you known mine.
Does this preclude us from comforting
or the genteel thrust of hopes hands into the other’s?

When you answer this… then perhaps what once was deemed impossible to know is possible none the less and we can be made siblings in our shared experiences.


Our world is always buzzzing
Streets are always filled
Walkways are always trampled
Electronics always blaring
Phones are always talking
and copiers always hum
Sleep is always dreaming
and the waker always thinking
Constant movement and being
always possessing the latest now
and it makes me wonder

about nothing

there is no space for nothing
the quiet sense of absolute
surrendering to silence
and the obliteration of being.

nothing || is not there.

Freedom comes to the Bold

I want to take a moment to remind people of something important:

Freedom does not come because it is desired. It does not come because it is asked. It does not come because a people think it should. It comes when demand it, stand up for it, and voices lift up behind it. Then, and only then, when all those for it come together and in a resounding voice ring it out – will Freedom come to rest upon the hearts of those enslaved by the forces of discrimination, degredation, demoralization, defamation and destruction. Only then. SO