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Time flies it does not creep

Time flies
it does not creep
or crawl
or divide
and make linger the longer
between wants of
watchmakers and
the anguish of lords.
Its long legs traverse
long roads towards ends
it will never see
pass monuments too soon
to fall in its shadow already gone
and still it will move on.
Oh, this time
fleetingly flies
fiercely against
the odds and
ends of my world
and will not stop
even as my breath
seeks solace in stillness.

Pass this life

Pass this life
in the breadth of thought
and still dream for
more to come
Simplest notion
of immortality
raises hopes
and longings for
a now not yet come;
and wonder I
in this course
road traversed
and folly?
do they fail to see
the now that is
leaving life
frail and brittle?