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(written 3 years ago – rediscovered today)

Here it goes again
voice lingering out of reach
echoing on an undefined horizon
beyond sun and moon
captured by stars yet flickering

… must be invisible

words shatter on the floor
broken glass unheard
hand brushes through shadow
smoke filtering between lips

I know must be invisible

So I lift my pen
write your name in the stars
tether the wind to call where you are
gather tears to make it rain
build castles out of leaves in a storm

I hope I am not invisible
but I think I must be

Because I want to write
but tears fall where
ink should
and no one can read tears
invisible ink
invisible me

I really must be invisible

Here it goes again

((have a melody, but not sure this is ready – wanted to post for your thoughts anyway))


Here it goes again

your voice echoes down the hall

lingering out of reach

and beyond the light of it all


I scream but no words

make a sound

scattering on the floor

like broken glass on the ground


my hand brushes shadow

like a ghost in the mist

smoke filtering

from between your lips


I can’t stand this


I must be invisible

I must be unseeable

I must be invisible

a ghost in the heart

of your world



I write your name in the stars

I tether the wind where you are

I gather tears to make it rain

I build castles out of daisy chins

but I am invisible



This side

this side is difficult

this side is difficult to embrace

This side

This side is hard

this side is harder to chase

when all the things I dreamed

are less than what they seemed

still I  try…


Here it goes again…