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Old Journal Entries

Pages of past musings

flutter by, dusted with age

old posts long since

devoid of inhabitants

speaking out the emptiness

a tale retold.

Days drift without visiting

I, passing quietly,

reflect distracted on the weather

momentary minutes of

an every day.

But still it sits there


for ink to color the rest of its

blatantly empty pages.

That when finally I scale its walls

enter into its domain

all I can write is

Here I am again.

Journal lost

Ink soaked the edges
drunk with evidence of awakening
the explorations of soul
lay swollen with effortless abandon
upon the tiled ways
lay broken clay
disastrously called to floor
by hands shaking to free.
And what linen sheets and leather
could not hold
wood and wicker let slip cool over
its blank upturned face
the measure of morning musings
now swirled black and blue
the collection of words
released to a death unexpected
and a life I could not breathe
again; such is fate
such is change.
For though in the smell of
coffee and shattered thoughts
the words remain
in the my skin
to be found
in new lines
new horizons of thought
and I will write

So, farethewell alphabets of longings
passion’s questions and the musings
of days gone.
May the sky find them worthy
and the earth drink of your
an another morning
and another cup
fill another day