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A moment of silence

When tragedy strikes
we answer memory with silence
perhaps in the ether we hope to hear
messages from the Gods or Ancients
or maybe we are just to weak to speak
But I fear so many tragedies
silence will have more than its fair share
of my world and so
instead of silence I want to lift my voice
louder than the day before
I want to greet sorrow with the rain of my joy
streaming down my cheeks defying it
saying “Look, see, you cannot keep me quiet”
Like geese in the morning flying in the direction
of water, they do not silently go despite
the wind or cold or wayward crow
they fly on and loudly proclaim the morning
The bee, the stray cat, the ant climbing up the bowl
of soup made for me perhaps in some
strange effort to prevent the noise of my soul
and fill the endless ruptured spleen called love
but no
I will not be silent
not for a moment
or a moment longer
I will take flight like the geese and the bee
I shall greet the mourning and the flowers of
my days with every bit of sound I have within me
to proclaim


There will be times when we yell at the universe with questions it seems to not answer. Our fist shakes, voice trembles, eyes cloud with anger, fear, doubt, or anguish. These times are hard. These times do not easily pass with any amount of gratitude. For in our deepest, darkest places -joy whispers and understanding wavers like a feather on the breeze.


I am here to tell you, joy does exist and the universe gives answers. Just not in the way we always expect. Perhaps it is a butterfly dancing, a child’s smile, tree’s sway, cricket chirping, a woman singing, man laughing… perhaps, gratitude in its smallest and most powerful form is simply acknowledging the language of the world to comfort us in hours of greatest need.


Un-aged advice for living

For all the ways I could say life is this or that
having yet to live until the age of experience gives me title
I shall simply say what has guided me thus far: Live your life in truth, be who you are and do so with courage, ferocity, and joy. You will stumble, fall, doubt, weep, mistake, mumble and crawl
but you will be you with all the rights that accomplishment contains. Wiser women and men have regretted not living, doing, or being so let us honor their regret with none ourselves and where they fell short, let us honor them and succeed.

Stain my heart

Stain my heart with gladness

let it drip with joy and cover the ground

in reds and oranges

indelible reminders of hope

when the tempest in my

soul forgets to be contained

and runs around my world

like a chaotic weed

hell bent on stiffling



Stain my heart…