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Speak Kindly

The lie we’re taught when we were young:
words hurt less than sticks and stones;
but words slung at the right velocity
will resonate through our history
while bruises and bones mend
words from either enemy or friend
like seeds planted within our soul
tear us down or help us grow

so speak kindly today. grow something beautiful. 🙂


If there were 80 ways

like 80 days to traverse

the world of your soul

I would do it.

I would

set out in a balloon

float across ocean of memory

plod up mountains of disasters

and valleys of little deaths

run though forests of dreams

and cross fearlessly, deserts.

I would

eat with kings who knew you

share with paupers and prince alike

The meanings of you to be discovered

over miles of field and flight.

but that is if I had 80 days

and alas, my friend, I have but one

day, hour, minute and breath

to tell you you are worth

every single step it takes

for 80 days

and I would