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Lift one person up

Lift one person up today –
even if that person is
Because despite
whatever or whoever
is in your way
pushing down
or telling you to stay
you are different
un-[Insert any word here you would want to be]
you are none of those things

You are beautiful…. the way you are….

and I don’t mean only
after you get dressed
after you have put on make- up
tied your best tie
done your hair
or put on your favorite [insert any fav attire here]
I mean naked to the soul
down right open and readable
from the scar on your left cheek
that no one can see
to the birth mark you hide
to the hand you want to hold
to the secrets you’ve never told
to the thoughts screaming out
even when words can’t slipout …

you are beautiful.

And I am beautiful.
And you, and you, and yes
you in the back…

you are beautiful

AND without you – the world would be less beautiful…
don’t you get it….
Because I want you to get it
I want you to absorb
what I am telling you…
absorb the words
I am spelling out
at this mic
this stage
with these words
these hands
this heart…

There will be boots in your face
there hands barring your way
gut kicks and
laws from men you don’t even know
that try to break you
but if I have learned one thing
in my 38 years of living a life
– of which most of them were lived in ugly silence –
is that you are beautiful
and the more beautiful people standing
with you and beside you
that you
LET stand
with you
and beside you….
the smaller the ugly gets.


Lift one person up today – even if that person is just yourself… because despite whatever or who ever is in your way, pushing you down or telling you to stay away, that you are different, unworthy, unloved, un-[insert any word here you would want to be] – you are none of those things…

The way you are.

Don’t Speak

Don’t speak
don’t type
don’t write
poetic drivel
or rhyme.
Don’t quietly
sit there and whine
about the losses
and the fine
examples of failure
held over
our heads
like we were
already dead!

Don’t whimper
don’t simmer
don’t wait
in patient
gratification of
state to state
motivated by
the need to
seek peacefully
the things
we should already


Take it
demand it
stop trying
to request it.

Because it’s not
a failure
to communicate
we’re not at a table
to negotiate.

Freedom is not a maze
to navigate
or a truce to appropriate.
Freedom is
and undeniably
branded on souls!
And from the first bullet fired
to the lantern lifted
setting the world on fire
to the shots on campus
ringing throughout memphis
to radicals walking
in masses
and women at the gate
facing threats
staring down hate
change was never
motivated, moved
or manipulated
by the bendable.
but by the immovable
foot planted
and well cemented
resolve of voices
raised up
and undeniably heard

so what are we waiting for?

Spinning it

Spinning it
to all the
and the
‘let’s negotiate’
state to state
try to elucidate
This is our life
you try to
and overstate
in propagandic
pamphlets of lies
while children watch
how to live
their lives
on Gossip girl and
Desperate housewives.

We interrupt this program
With violence at 5.

It’s all hypocrisy
dressed in black
and swinging bats
of reli-gi-osity
defending a notion
of superiority
over mediocrity
and casting lots
for tv spots
in places not
your own,
throwing stones
while smoking a bowl
and shake 2000
years of bones

I just want to scream

Let me be me!

we spend
our cents
just as you,
put lives on the line
donate our time
give to our nation
in secret and pride,
yet there you go
to cast your vote
without compassion
or a fraction
of civility.
you force others to
live your reality
negating life, love, memory
and space
with a push of a button
and a finger in our face.
you spit in our direction
with your obsession,
an over zealous need
for oppression
and I have to ask
who is next?

Will it be a repeat
from the same sheet
a century ago?
Black, white or indigo?
Will it be newcomers
with hope filled eyes
questing for a piece of
American pie?
will it be the Muslim
on bended knee
thanking Allah for being free?
the Buddhist
Pagan, African or Chinese?
The short, the tall
The grey, the weak?
You tell me
while we
to spin it

see me, see you

Blind as the majority may be
I see you as you see me
beyond the headlines of obscurity
left to dwindle down the page
hiding in the chaos of everyday
where you see me and I see you.

Life plucked out
from momentary suspicion
innocently motivated
but nonetheless built
in submission
stand I
against you, against me
to see what others
blindly leave behind
in newspapers rotting
along the side of the road.

Conspiracy manipulates truth
deviates enigma of revelation
hiding in the lines of a minor character’s tale…
this is where I will prevail.
So read this and play for me
the tune I know you hear
for it is you who should hold fear.

Voices will not be quiet
along the hallways dim with
perceptions calculat..ing
in this people’s sea
because I see you
as you see me.

And we are not afraid.