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See me as I am

{in honor of today – Day of Silence}

I speak not a word
for the word distracts you
from the reality we are the same
I walk into a store and am
turned away
because you do not serve my kind
I walk down the aisle
and I am arrested
because the constitution has no room
I am discovered
and dragged out and beaten
because my love is hated
I am vocal
and you see an agenda
instead of our sameness
so today
I speak not a word
So you can only do one thing



The L Project Video

I have been trying very hard to only put poetry on my site – but I am making an exception here.  This video touches on something that is very close to my heart – some girls across the pond made wrote and performed this song about “It Gets Better” – they are The L Project.   Please watch this video and then download the song – it goes to raise awareness and money for charities working to prevent LGBT bullying among young people.

If you can’t view the video in this window – go directly to YouTube here >> It Does Get Better

Visit The L Project Web Page