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Linger in the after-thought
a prick after the pain
find gold in glimpse of velvet tears
slipping in the guise of rain
pause in breath to breathe in
fragrance fading fast
embrace the night
to wish on stars
who clearly have not fallen yet
watch memory long since forgot
‘cross an ocean of
favors, scents, and fictions
casting lots for your
like constellation
chasing after constellation
or how the skin of moon
knows the sun
this is where I live
and if this be where I must die
my cup shall fill
with an abundance
few ever know the pleasure
of or ever

Dare to be the person

Dare to be the person you are – and do not linger on thoughts of who others should be. Their journey is a million miles from you, even if their feet fall within your shadow.

Lift your head to the sky you envision, fill the world with your words. Some will share your story, others will merely nod in understanding, some will never hear your voice at all – but do not linger on what others should hear.

Their journey is a million miles from you, even if their smiles are within your frame of mind.

Here it goes again

((have a melody, but not sure this is ready – wanted to post for your thoughts anyway))


Here it goes again

your voice echoes down the hall

lingering out of reach

and beyond the light of it all


I scream but no words

make a sound

scattering on the floor

like broken glass on the ground


my hand brushes shadow

like a ghost in the mist

smoke filtering

from between your lips


I can’t stand this


I must be invisible

I must be unseeable

I must be invisible

a ghost in the heart

of your world



I write your name in the stars

I tether the wind where you are

I gather tears to make it rain

I build castles out of daisy chins

but I am invisible



This side

this side is difficult

this side is difficult to embrace

This side

This side is hard

this side is harder to chase

when all the things I dreamed

are less than what they seemed

still I  try…


Here it goes again…