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Some days silence is all I have to write with
my soul paper upon which to scribe
and my heart the only witness

…but even this is loud.

A thought – no title

I long to scream
but linger in silence
desire kiss
but savor no embrace
wait to speak
but no words issue
reach out in dreams
but wake still as held breath
and who am I to wonder
the threads of possibilities linger
only in my head
unless, and until, and perhaps if
merrily wait at the window sill
though their songs cannot
I alone sit in this
with out a soul to confess to.

Who can measure a life – Sonnet III

Who can measure the length or brevity of a life?
The age of souls does not speak to the tenor of time:
Seasons spring and fall never upon the same light
nor winter fell’d by the eloquence of ever and the pine;

Some a beat upon the wind casts love the first its cry
others linger upon great sands the truth never to hear
From every moment moments linger with a sigh
but oft moments linger not when truth be told we fear;

But measurement doth proceed upon the envy of our hearts
the linger of a first and the regret of should have been
lengthen or shorten the life we lead in part
and words spoken or unspoken suffer might of been

The length of men’s souls thus are kept secret in our breast;
the longer treasures of our memory and the courted sorrow of what’s left.


{{Sonnets are so lovely, and speak to me so profoundly. Despite this I do not write them justly – though my pen and heart wish for it so.  Forgive my meager attempt.  I will gain skill with each effort}}

I am but a poet

I am but a poet
a thousands words
never to write
fighting for a line
in the breath of all I am
each ink drop from the tip
of my soul
marks a future I may
never know
I am but a poet

a thousand words
to pray daily
with every fiber and cell
That I have the will
to write until I
can write no more
until the wind steals song
until the earth covers paper
until fire consumes thought
and water
the ink from the tip
of my soul.

One Sentence Poems – A new category

You can now see my one sentence poems in a category all by themselves. One sentence poems began in an effort to express a single idea as briefly as possible. In reality, on may argue, they are not poems at all. Yet to me, they are a potentially as powerful if not more so than a lengthy poem devised with great struggle. For if it touches the heart and causes the soul to stir is it not in some way – poetic.