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Valley of Death

[Written to:  Song of Sheherazade ]

Wind whips whispering want

each step a sip of winters wailing

and springs unfortunate delay.

Sky dangerously dark above

earth languidly unaware of soles

pressed defiantly deep upon it

carry one, who,

wrapped in weary wandering,

a wisp waging war against

gods who no longer speak

and siren songs no longer singing,

walks towards the edge of possibility

seeking a thing desired yet un-obtained.

Lo, thirst for rain does not grant it

nor retching render a ransom of hunger’s despair.

Dust for tears strangle sound

to subjugate doubt with oppression and fear!

All here gnash and gape and claw

at the heart of the feet who

carry it.

What is this madness?

Who, in a seeming sea of uncelebrated hubris,

rages yet again in this, an immortal and hopeless, quest?

A reply slips free

“’tis the quest of the living

the survival of a dream.”

Long for Spring

In the grip of Winter
I long for Spring
soft air of new life
wrapped with new light
When all are avarice
for the currency of joy
and sighs the well fought for gains
of living.

Every now and then

Every now and then I wonder
do the stars ever care that anyone sees them shine
does the wind hold a grudge against the mountain that does not move
does the sparrow consider the blade of grass as it merrily flits about the chill strewn morning
I sip upon my cup of tea
and consider the lessons presented
the star shines because it does
the wind moves because it does
the sparrow and chill fulfill their calling
so should I
the last of my warmth fading
thankful for the delicate embrace
of wisdom from the universe.

There it stood

There   it    stood

grand and open
wide enough for both
dreams and my doubt
it called to me like an old friend
a lover past into the ages
a stranger eager to meet
my out stretched hand
entreating me to give way to
whatever divine experiment
lay ahead but

my    feet     stayed

It was not light enough
the time was not right
the stars in sextile motion
lay just off center in the
retrograding discovery
lions awaited surely
just beyond the wood
or maybe dragons long since
gone but awakened just for me
no, seriously, I kid you not
perhaps disease or malice
harm, trouble and pain
play cards at the base of the hill
an empty seat for me to
join them but

There    it     stood

grand and open
whispering of bravery
courage and a life well lived
as if this covered wall would
not sustain me
surely it had in times past
surely it will stand times more
its cold rough hewn edges do not
lean even for a minute
hand reaches out to caress

nothing    reaches    back

now the heart must decide
if living is worry or if living is
facing the world beyond
if motion towards mornings
yet believed to come will come
if evenings will signal stars or thieves
if love is in short supply and if even
the lion or dragon or fearsome beast
will comply with such a simple emotion
and let a traveler pass out of mercy
may haps storms will drench
fires chase
stones to stumble and hearts to break

There    it    stood laughing gleefully behind me

as pavers and tuffs of grass greeted my

soles with joy

and I the road ahead.

For years now

For years now
it’s been a desert
though it wasn’t always.
Once just on
the other side of need to forget
the lush and green
filled with life
and teamed
with anticipation
the wind kissed grass swayed
woodland bones creaked and moaned
Life bellowed life
and the world was filled
with such expectation.
but somewhere between
a season of drought
and seasons of chill
the rain stopped falling
and the clouds all fell down.
Now even the lizards
and scurrying things
barely come around.
My shadow sits
a single splash of
where once there was
plush grass of flesh and bone
waiting patiently
for a spring
that cannot come…

Calm is for sleeping

I see signs all the time that say to keep calm
but I want to be wild, unruly, and free.
I want to run with my arms open wide to let the universe in.
I want to sing at the top of my lungs till the clouds shiver with rain and the flowers take up my chorus.
I want to laugh so loud the stones at my feet roll in joyous ecstatic elation.
I want to write boldly, paint broadly, create till my hands are bruised with hope filled expectation.
I want to be wild, unruly, and free.

Calm is for sleeping.

Celebrate your living

Celebrate living
the movement of breath
memory keeper
and drum beat of souls
the sound piece
of speechless dreams
and the counterbalance
to worry and hesitation,
do not fear the dreaded
nor the four footed doubt
instead breathe deep the
fire of can to the bottom
of tenacious will
dance with the shadow
of almost could be
laugh with impossibility
yes, celebrate living
though living is work
of brow and callous hand
be merry in resolute
resolve and redemption
and welcome home
peace, pride, and
all’s possible:

Stretch my skin out…

Stretch my skin out across the world. Let the edge of me dip into the hands of lands and valleys I shall never see. Let my life drip like rain from thunderous skies rolling across green hills. Let my breath move through trees on a sanded isle and my tongue to taste the salt of earth beneath an olive tree. Let my eyes stare at stars a hemisphere away and my mind dive into oceans of universes undiscovered. Yes, please stretch my skin across the world. Let the edge of me dip into the hands of lands… I shall never see.