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For years now

For years now
it’s been a desert
though it wasn’t always.
Once just on
the other side of need to forget
the lush and green
filled with life
and teamed
with anticipation
the wind kissed grass swayed
woodland bones creaked and moaned
Life bellowed life
and the world was filled
with such expectation.
but somewhere between
a season of drought
and seasons of chill
the rain stopped falling
and the clouds all fell down.
Now even the lizards
and scurrying things
barely come around.
My shadow sits
a single splash of
where once there was
plush grass of flesh and bone
waiting patiently
for a spring
that cannot come…


Rain dances over earth
masterful fingers
caressing nature’s keys
speaking length and shivering
like silver on satin

Each timbre, tone, and touch
the world slowly opens
savoring melody
effortlessly falling
from a mist-veiled moonless night

Wounds fill with tears
leaves upturn and undress
new buds bend in supplication
fervent prayers of devotion and longing

All of life breathes in, gasps, and cries
releasing heavy dreams of day
leaving me hopelessly jealous
face pressed to sill
fingers tracing love
slipping over glass


I am in love with fushia sky
silver moon caressing emerald mantle
mist on earth’s skin long forgotten
over stone well’s lost divinity
and the mystery of her voice

Oh, I shall be eternally lost for it
like the comet dreaming of constellation
and no nearer being pinned to the sky
than a glint of sand
to the roof of heaven

I woke up this morning

I woke up this morning listening to the sun
rise in the voices of birds and the sway of buds on limbs
clouds cast shadowed light on multi-green tresses
while two on four read the news on the edges of fences
and the fallen patch of clover
somewhere above me a plane lifted towards stars towards
a destination longed for
cars in the distance strumbled and strayed towards parking garages
neighbors called to unseen dogs
and I wrapped this up with a yawn
yes, I woke up this morning listening to the sun
and met life impatiently waiting.