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Caged Birds and Flowers

Flowers fade

bee lay to rest its days of care

fox slips into dreamless sleep unseen

even the song must cease

– that song the caged bird sings

and yet

Breath comes in

Breath goes out

strength renewing

for I drink in the air

you breath – last, new, and still

your fear is mine

your courage is mine
mine is yours as well.

Every now and then

Every now and then I wonder
do the stars ever care that anyone sees them shine
does the wind hold a grudge against the mountain that does not move
does the sparrow consider the blade of grass as it merrily flits about the chill strewn morning
I sip upon my cup of tea
and consider the lessons presented
the star shines because it does
the wind moves because it does
the sparrow and chill fulfill their calling
so should I
the last of my warmth fading
thankful for the delicate embrace
of wisdom from the universe.

Secret of the Universe

or the day I ate a plum.

I sliced open a ripe plum
its tender insides released the sweetest fragrance
the seed shown like a treasure to be buried.
As I took it all in, I had the briefest of vision:
A tree, holding on to dear life
through fierce weather
violent storm
raging beetle and insect swarm
animal peeing and clawing
human leaning child swinging
all without regard
for the blossoms struggling
to open
then once its bright arms
reached out towards the sun
an invasion of stingers and
creatures stealing and sucking
the life of it
to transport the life of it
giving birth to
the life within it
this plum
which now

and I smiled – realizing the plum and I had shared the secret of the universe.