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Touch my face

Touch my face so I know of existence
kiss the stars from my eyes so I may dream
seek my heart as if it was the shore and you the tide
that I might never be alone.
Leave me stranded, expecting worlds to move for whispers
and find
the truth of leaves who fall at the waning of the sun.

Do you see?

This is my question
despite every effort to conceal
every movement to suggest
the sun is content
in the sky
and the moon to shine
only at night
do you not see
this star’s decent
the sun chasing eve
the moon shivering
and my longing to stand on
the green earth your pen
suffers to spill
your every thought?

Do you see?

I should be so lucky.

Mistress Summer Bid thee go!

Summer, leave me
I beg thee let me go
For who are we to change
the course of what we know.
Here – I – sit
Mid-Winter, trapped
with only dreams
of you to sate.
No more green hills
rolling sighs
no warmer breezes
and cooler skies
no more flowers
seeking rain
or endless nights
in raptures plain…
No, we had a place
but time has moved
me thus
please haunt a
younger soul
to satisfy your want.
If I could return
I’d gladly go
take your hand and flee
for mortal eyes
and mortal breath
live life more like Elder’s leaves
and thus my autumn has come and gone
the snows too soon will fade
and I
I will be but a dusted
dream on wind and do’ and shade.

When we meet

When we meet, I shall confess I have never left your side
for the dream of you has been with me and
the thought of you my light
When we kiss, I shall whisper I am found
the vision of you igniting a fire to burn
even the darkest of nights to dawn
and the lightest of eves to shade
– my path to you never faded.
When we love, I shall smile for no words shall
ever be enough to define the power of your heart
a breath away from mine.

Jupiter’s Lover

Jupiter dipped

tripped and meandered

across a darkened glass



and arrayed in a gossomer veil

outlining her curves from north star

to Taurus’ horns which

dipped and swayed

as she slid behind the veil

of heaven to find

seat amongst

those in held in high


The rings on her fingers

shimmered in silver light

so transparent one might

forget she is my lover

but I, relinquish fear

and let the last taste of her

passing glances

linger until she graces

my sky again.

What if

… the world was a word
and the word was on your lips
would it taste of sweet cantaloupe
or persimmon’s emerald kiss?
Would it laugh at languishing in reds
and paint the world in crims’n
or prone to lavish simplicities
of diamond coated sins?
Would it be a lamprophony
of canter calling crows
or be silent as the barren wood
to slip where silence dare not go?
What if, my love, the world were I
and I of lashing dreams?
would I sate your soul
o’er lip, and tongue and cheek
to disolve in utter bliss
thine appentency.