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My branches

light shimmer

sit simmer

beneath leaves

to see


not a face you made

under different stars.

Under branches

heavy with shade

take the best of me

even, if you cannot stay.

for in the end

I am just this

rooted in soil of soul

writing words some will comprehend

others will never try

I digress….

you give me pause

when you glance back…

so please,

sit beneath

my branch and leaf

and if you cannot stay

I will be ok

there is nothing else to be



The year is ending

The year is ending.
Slowly days replay and readjust their meaning
into shadows of better and worse self.
I try to reject the possibilities
of my own wrong doing,
and yet, know
I shall repeat them if I do.
What to do?
Who shall I be?
Have I truly forgiven?
Have I been forgiven?
Is compassion real?
Does anyone hear… me?
Can I change?
Will I ?
And you…  You in the mirror.  You who the prayer is for.
You who I have struggled to give name to.
You who keeps me up at night.
You who has laughed at my weakness.
You who has grieved with the only tears I ee.
You who has tried to forget…
tried to forget.
Oh how I have tried to forget.
And in my forgetting, I cast shadows.
And now I sit with the rain tapping on the window of a broken life.
Bright pieces still cherished by those who know and believe.
Cellophane tape sticking out of corners and begging
in one way or another for forgiveness of sins
realized, intended and not intended. 
Suffering with clarity, the life I have made.
What is this life I have made?

Music of Dawn

Dawn rose without sound
the earth held her breath
watching a symphony of colors
take their place among the way of things.
Nature took their places
a breeze tested leaves timber
birds one by one accounted for tone
and a creature I could not see
slowly brought a beat to measure
then, a moment few ever see arrived
Dawn crescendoed
and began the movement of the day.

Ivory and Ebony Bones

Her hands lay across ivory and
ebony bones
heart fixed on melodies past,
fingers tip slip and sway
dancing through notes
he left behind;
inked and torn
wrinkled and worn
The melody,
a mirror of soul
and font of tears
dips and crescendos
lingering on a thousand
what if rifts
where pauses
take eternity to resolve.
This is her music
this is her song…
she plays
every time
her hands lay across ivory and ebony bones.