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I want to have an affair

I want to have an affair

salaciously exuberant free

surging with pulses of the earth beneath

and fires of the stars caressing night skies

writhing with passion dripped in the exhaustion of days

the warmth of dreams wrapped about souls

comforted in exhaled moments coveted none so lightly


I want to have an affair

an affair with



on one word hung a nation

in one breath a dream called

within one thought balanced need with necessity

and want with wanting more 

above the world the stars gathered wishes

saving for when the lights all go out

I put up a candle in the cupboard 

a prayer on my lips

and a lighter in my pocket above my heart

Pass this life

Pass this life
in the breadth of thought
and still dream for
more to come
Simplest notion
of immortality
raises hopes
and longings for
a now not yet come;
and wonder I
in this course
road traversed
and folly?
do they fail to see
the now that is
leaving life
frail and brittle?

I shall think on the earth

We talk of the world
but not of the earth
which has more to offer any
nation, build, or being
its breath: peace
its rain: now
and its creatures: life
what wind fears its direction?
what drop but the flight to earth?
what creatures but moment to feast?
the world… the world is
consumed with more,
more than yesterday
and more more more tomorrow.
I shall think then,
on the earth.

When the melody of the day

When the melody of the day has laid out in gray

contemplation of eager manipulation

and trembling trepidation,

pause, breathe deep.

Close your eyes and feel the world

without care,

slip past unkindness unhindered,

pass by the wails of failure and

the fear of frustration,

into the depths of a place only

poets dare to go… and know.

Today is just a day.

It tripped,

it stumbled,


and fell flat,

but at the end, it is…

just that… past.

Now, is where you are.

And where you are – is beautiful.

A girl on a step

She has not

wandered yet into

the world of unwanted


or unwepted

She sits confidently

on the steps and

leans her chin into palm

so nonchalantly even the wind

sighs in her contentment

her youthful ability to see the world

just as it is at this moment

without prejudice

without care

without a hint of

overlapping layers

photoshoped and

pristine in their creation


is a girl

sitting on a step

looking out at the grass


why to a hundred

questions she’ll

one day answer

but for now

is just the envy

of the aged

and the curiosity of

passing ants lingering

near her shoe.


trace backwards;

begin at the end

move towards the middle

pick up sticks left

and move on to the



Begin again;

lead out with confidence

knowing the path familiarly leads

to the right and skip with

glad feet beyond it

purposefully pause on a rose

missing meanacing faces in alleyways

and when soft cheeks greet

kiss them without fear

walk past ivy

leagues of seas unconquered

with a tough feminine hand

so when the marches directionanally

head on

speak clearly without any



subterfuge or fear;

leave the rest of what was

as if it never happened.


Wake up.

move forward.


Delight in moments inconsequential

billowing across blue watercolor skies

breathe in the vision

close your eyes and draw them on memory

for these are treasures waiting

to reveal themselves when consequential

days gather weight and storm