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Thought on Writer’s Block

There are days when it seems nothing wants to come out onto the page. It is as if no words exist to describe the weight of the day or the color of moments I am living. I try not to call these moments ‘writer’s block’ but instead recognize the pause and struggle as part of the writing process.

It would be lovely to be able to always spit out beautiful words the first go around, to capture a moment or a thought perfectly as it happens. This is not always possible. As a matter of fact, I dare say it is almost never possible. Life needs time to happen. We need time to process it, breathe it in, digest the bits of color, weight, time, emotion, sound, thought, etc. before we can gather its essence and place it back into the world for others to see.

So don’t rush, I tell myself. Do not be critical of the time needed to digest the world as it presents itself. In this way, you might fully explore and expose the wilds of your witness to and of it. Only then will the words form exquisitely for the pen at the command of your hand and the will of memory dictating.

Upside Right Thinking

earth circle round

get pushed up

get back down

the world is sometimes up

side right and

Somedays we lose

all our fight

but just when

the when is too much

to think about

the sun rises

the moon sets

and another day

dawns with another

chance to take a step

towards courage

us, change.