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Fill me

fill me with the peace of ages
the soft things of the sea
fill me with the calm of the stars
the expanse of the universe
fill me with the knowing of a thousand flowers
the beauty of spring for a time
fill me with the understanding of a rain drop
the life of a moment drawn out in the
moment of a moment dropping from
a storm onto the pavement
fill me
fill me
fill me with peace

We struggle

we struggle with peace
when all we have known is war
we struggle with quiet
when all we have known is the whir of sound
we struggle with stillness
when all we have known is everything but solid ground
water crashing storm driving motion
chaotically reeling emotions
but we must face these unknowns
and we must face them with courage
standing or sitting
eyes open or closed
soul ready and fierce to embrace the will
of be still
and then
for we will always have war, but we can also have peace
we will always have clashing clanging, sand shifting, torrential rain storm breakings
but we will also have quiet solitude and the warmth of the sun
if we only learn
to have them
to welcome them
time to welcome them in.

I shall think on the earth

We talk of the world
but not of the earth
which has more to offer any
nation, build, or being
its breath: peace
its rain: now
and its creatures: life
what wind fears its direction?
what drop but the flight to earth?
what creatures but moment to feast?
the world… the world is
consumed with more,
more than yesterday
and more more more tomorrow.
I shall think then,
on the earth.

Stain my heart

Stain my heart with gladness

let it drip with joy and cover the ground

in reds and oranges

indelible reminders of hope

when the tempest in my

soul forgets to be contained

and runs around my world

like a chaotic weed

hell bent on stiffling



Stain my heart…


Salt in the wound

I grow furious
with the perpetuation
of the negation
of my gender,
through handmedown
stories created to
find defect
in everything

I am

by hands
un-bled by the moon
nor birthed memory from womb
but have painted every ”
good thing done
in the shadowed
of babel’s fruit.

I am

neither weak
nor the cause
of your ill fortune

We, neither male nor female
neither old nor young
rich nor poor
straight nor gay
creed or none,
are the masters of our souls.

Master peace and find peace.  Master self and others will see your truth.

Master hatred and find only hate.