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Why I am not religious

Confinement wages war against the contents of wings

seeking to direct the will of the sun and moon

as if in acknowledging nature subservient to ink

it will be made true. 

But making true does not truth make.

Thus the only contemplation of caligraphication

is in the contents of my heart where 

the determination of the Universe is between 

only us and the only writing of truth

is in the bluebird singing and 

the composition of storms. 


Our world is always buzzzing
Streets are always filled
Walkways are always trampled
Electronics always blaring
Phones are always talking
and copiers always hum
Sleep is always dreaming
and the waker always thinking
Constant movement and being
always possessing the latest now
and it makes me wonder

about nothing

there is no space for nothing
the quiet sense of absolute
surrendering to silence
and the obliteration of being.

nothing || is not there.

Un-aged advice for living

For all the ways I could say life is this or that
having yet to live until the age of experience gives me title
I shall simply say what has guided me thus far: Live your life in truth, be who you are and do so with courage, ferocity, and joy. You will stumble, fall, doubt, weep, mistake, mumble and crawl
but you will be you with all the rights that accomplishment contains. Wiser women and men have regretted not living, doing, or being so let us honor their regret with none ourselves and where they fell short, let us honor them and succeed.

A word on the 4th of July

On the 4th of July, 1776,  our nation’s founding father’s committed these lines, abandoning any notion of the cavalier and embracing the heart of courage:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

These were written in defiance of a tyrannical crown and dismissive parliment who bore down on the colonists law and order without representation, that despite being Englishmen and women, were not treated as such.  They were dismissed, disregarded, and living in an age of oppression and subjugation to a crown that no longer gave them ear… by any means.  They were second class citizen’s of the crown.  Which gave rise to this:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

This moral imparitive – this utopian promise – has become our nations breath, if not her soul.  Though these words are still not fully realized in our nation by all her citizens, be encouraged.  Equality will be realized for it is the higher ideal founded and firmly established in the veins of all who call the United States home!

Happy 4th of July!

The Divine

The Divine

Her embrace is the morning
fragrant breezes just off the sea
illuminating skies on the veil
of night poked through
with the silver slices
His is the heart of dawn, noon, and evening
stag beating through forest and vale
chasing shadowed places
from their perch
with glance and spear

The Divine.

I fear

I fear the world becoming one religion
I fear
silent oppression
the lack of sedition
the melting of submission
I fear the the tyrannical
in the name of one political
I fear
serf making machines
people becoming
frogs in water
slow heating
I fear
Unity at the expense of Diversity
of tyranny at the hands of
fear mongering ‘mercy’
I fear…


Don’t believe
Don’t believe
in sin
Don’t believe
in losing
with everything to win
Don’t believe
in false absolution
Don’t believe
greeds game
Don’t believe
in apples first
and women are to blame

Don’t believe
in subjugation
Don’t believe
the lies
Don’t believe
in casting out a truth
by simply blinding eyes
Don’t believe
the reasons
when reasons
sway to whim
Don’t believe in
when the poor fight
instead of them

Believe in Revolution

Don’t believe
Don’t believe
wakeful sleep
Don’t believe
in silence
when all you
sound of sheep
Don’t believe
Don’t believe
in fame
Don’t believe
any one
has power in a name
Don’t believe in
when everyone is blind
Don’t believe in
when no one has the time

Believe in Revolution

Don’t believe
makes lies a million truths
Don’t believe
in the ignorance
of our voting youth
Don’t believe
in weapons
mass destruction of lives
Don’t believe
in oppression
suffocating light
Don’t believe
or the religious right
Don’t believe
in agenda
propagating lies
Don’t believe
the victim
is wealth in disguise
Don’t believe
Don’t believe
love is blind
Don’t believe
in another brings demise
and Don’t Believe
Noms miranda
protects you or I

No I
Believe in Revolution

Believe in
Believe in
radical solutions
Believe in
making right
fucked up
corporate prostitution
Believe in
walking forward
When all they want
is back
Believe in
smashing cookie
cutter in stereo conviction
Believe in
wall street
where dollar gives permission
Believe in
my right to
my own righteous path

Believe in revolution

Believe in



We waste it

We waste it
trade it
don’t even taste it
sitting behind
F’villes and wars
staggered messages
we little time whores
thinking life eternal
the world a buy and sell
we’ll make more
living hell
because we

waste it
watch it bleed in
high definition
can’t relate to scenes
we’ve seen before
in black, white, and blue ray
colored boredoms
falling around us
in useless squander
across a ticker tape
oft mistaken
for a line of code
by the general public
and why?

Because they too
waste it
give it away and fake it
hope greed won’t
show through the make up
smiling devils always
trade up
with you and me on the bottom
giving our hand outs
like saints
while hell freezes over
and mortgages
are forgiven
oh wait
my mistake

we waste it
play with it
and find comfort
in nothing but what
is around us
we have half of us
the other half
a life for the half they
don’t give a shit about
we have people facing off
while rich men jack off
with the money
they stole from the
farm they destroyed
and the shrimp man
they poisoned
And why?


we waste it
freedom, time, charity and worth
we forget about our neighbors
and we forget about the earth
we type on this
we win fake gold
to have a chance at fake fame
to screw a fake girl
on Wednesday!

And in the end I ask
is it worth it?
does your God or mine
fancy this destruction
of the thing he put in place?
or are we so filled with a sense
of don’t belong and longing
for an afterlife
we forget this is a life

yes… because

We waste it.
on things like true this
and true that
and manipulation of politics
destruction of your called misfits
creation of order in our images
decimation of life because it won’t fit
solidificationof wealth
because we can

and all the while
you and I
sit back and wonder why
all this shit is happening
with our ab makers and our zero beer
we forget to look in the mirror


I spit it

I spit it
trip it
wrap it in words
to be heard.
my lyrical
of voices
inside my head
begging for life,
instead dead
at accusation
peaceful confrontation
140 character

I spit it
kick it
paper thru rhyme
laid out in lines
of thought
spewed out
not taught
to teach not preach
my intentions
my rage against
this political
and theological
they place me in.

I spit it
kiss it
make love
and try not to miss it.
feelings rising
boisterous and chaotic
like Poe on acid
and Walton choking
on plastic,
mixing my disease
with your political relief
or so you would have it.
separate and distort

my retort?

I spit it
piss it
try to enlist it.
the blood in me
White, Irish, Italian
and Cherokee.
I bleed to see my oppressor
a fine imitated successor
first black
then gender base
denying life, liberty
and pursuit of…
but wait
it’s all still hate!

I spit it
hit it
slam my words
against walls
like grenades
in succession,
I take out my pen
and orchestrate
against oppression.
in common words
Like Thomas Paine,
Just try to be heard.

and it’s
not that I don’t understand
your position
your egotistical
maniacal transitions
from what you know
to who you blow.
I get your opposition
to me
whilst you drink
wine forcefully
with hostility
and define my reality

But this is not chosen freely.
I have to be

I spit it
seize it
with opportunity
I breathe it,
trying not to
on the tsunami
of anger
in an effort
to not regurgitate
the same message
of equality,
but it is
the only thing
I see,
different between
you and me,
In this land
of the
supposedly free.

So I spit it
trip it
wrap it up in words
to be heard
my lyrical
singular evolution of
voices inside my head
begging for life
avoiding death.

Thoughts on Free

momentary peace
made out of
bartering lords
for weapons
and sections of
genetic purity
with wolfish grins
to sin
more divinely
in the presence
of the holy
dollar sign
and then
there is me
searching for
in a world
too unsure
and not
of their own actions
to searches
but necessary
to be free
and a medium coke,
caught on tape
at every corner
going unnoticed
the eyes
of zealots
with pink umbrellas
and cheap cologne
standing like a 1930s
private eye film
under the lamp
in the rain
watch everything.
Is anyone listening?
can you not hear
the cries of shadow
in the night
under covers
trying to hide
their affections
for fear of
someone else’s
sending warriors
in the guise
of old women
children and
to shame
and cast into hell
their dreams.
What makes these aggressors
any different from
The megalomaniac leaders
In near and faraway places
Innocent faces
Zooming out from
Bringing death
With a price
For oil
And cash crops
Slinking upward
Into the mouths
And minds of
And nations
Too high up to
You or me.
To them
Are fodder
And filth
We are insignificant
and truth be told
we ARE the cancer
bringing change
to this disease
called presidential free-dumb.
So when the tasks
And masks and momentary peace loving
dollar sign grubbing lords of our age
Step out on to the stage.
Say no to what they are selling
Take back what they are spelling
Out as the only truth
And actually be

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