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Long for Spring

In the grip of Winter
I long for Spring
soft air of new life
wrapped with new light
When all are avarice
for the currency of joy
and sighs the well fought for gains
of living.


Night falls

Night falls
casting stardust veil
and misted moon
along the path before me
silence a friend I cannot converse with
but feel present every step
to meet myself joyful
in the coming of winter

Mistress Summer Bid thee go!

Summer, leave me
I beg thee let me go
For who are we to change
the course of what we know.
Here – I – sit
Mid-Winter, trapped
with only dreams
of you to sate.
No more green hills
rolling sighs
no warmer breezes
and cooler skies
no more flowers
seeking rain
or endless nights
in raptures plain…
No, we had a place
but time has moved
me thus
please haunt a
younger soul
to satisfy your want.
If I could return
I’d gladly go
take your hand and flee
for mortal eyes
and mortal breath
live life more like Elder’s leaves
and thus my autumn has come and gone
the snows too soon will fade
and I
I will be but a dusted
dream on wind and do’ and shade.