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Night falls

Night falls
casting stardust veil
and misted moon
along the path before me
silence a friend I cannot converse with
but feel present every step
to meet myself joyful
in the coming of winter


The Mirror is Broken

The mirror is broken

edges separate my view

now I see both sides


The mirror is broken

the lines of communi’

cation match edges


The mirror is broken

like basho’s barn burning down

sight brings hidden truth

Day of rest

I took Sunday off
from the electronic worship
and the draw of inter-net
catching me up in the
day to day and night to night
meanderings of fingers
too unsleepy to notice
I would not be there
but not because of
religious favoring
or the call of buildings
and lessons as it did when
I was small
but the stillness of life
called stillness in me
to be
aware of self
treat her with
divine rest.

describing self

I am like orange not quite made up on red
like blue with the hints of jealous green
waiting for a cloud to cover my sky
a brilliant piece of paper
for which to write a thought

I am like wind, not quite a hurricane
though at times one might argue otherwise
like rain left mesmerized upon a pane of glass
left to ask the question of what is next
as it trails after gravity

I am like a window not yet rid of rose
like hazelnut coffee filled with raving bits of chocolate
longing for cream to drip over and slip
and meander into a world
of smiles and sighs

I am clear
not yet transparent
glowing in the sun and
and reflecting moon
a revelation
of two thoughts
become one
as it reaches for the stars

I am blue not quite cian
a partly cloudy diamond sky
for bits of jealous suns to break through
and cast brilliant color
upon my skin.