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Glittered veil
subtle soft sanguine
hopeful breath
within my breast
reaches out
towards a goal
nearly attainable
as the words
from beyond whisper


The Universe sat down with the Poet

The Universe sat down with the Poet.

Both stared for a long time at the other.

Not a word passed between them.

Not a motion.

Not a sigh.

Not a wit.

Time paused in pondering

Twilight and Dusk settled down

Earth shifted nervously

Moon dipped the horizon under

and still the two stared.

This went on for days and many nights

the milky and the way

began to shiver…


as if by design

when even the hands of creation

spun idle

the two nodded deep and embraced.

When the Poet returned to her cottage

upon the green and embering way

a neighbor inquired of

the visit.

The poet smiled and said only this:


winked and retired.

If I shine bright enough

Resting on the edge of grey
matter in the midst of joy
us being who we are
far from where we should be
I think
If I shine bright enough will you see me
If I shine bright enough will you see

Lingering on words, letters writ
ten little fingers type out
fields where we could be laughing
far from where we are free
I think
If I shine bright enough will you see me
If I shine
bright enough will you see

Yes, If I shine bright enough
will you see me
and if you see me will you

shine back at me?


There will be moments of shadowed reflection. When the clouds seem so thick, surely no sun, moon, or star could shine through. When the heart feels heavy with frustration, fear, and fatigue. When the doubtful voice in your head gets loud and says this is all there is.

Everyone has these moments. EVERYONE.

However, this is NOT all there is. You have the ability within you to shine, to glow and grow to all the possibilities your mind can imagine. You want to be a writer – then write. You want to build great things – then build. You want to perform – then grab the stage and do it. No writer, builder, artist, singer, philosopher or queen – ever got anywhere without believing in the light within them. So gather up your wits, reach in side and flip that switch!Illuminate now with the fierceness of possibilities you shine on.