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Why I am not religious

Confinement wages war against the contents of wings

seeking to direct the will of the sun and moon

as if in acknowledging nature subservient to ink

it will be made true. 

But making true does not truth make.

Thus the only contemplation of caligraphication

is in the contents of my heart where 

the determination of the Universe is between 

only us and the only writing of truth

is in the bluebird singing and 

the composition of storms. 

If only

If only for a moment,
if only for a breath,
let my heart beat with you,
let my soul with you rest.
Let every word unspoken,
sing beauty into our souls,
let every kiss un-greeted
be summoned from whence all kisses go.
If only for a moment, dear,
if only for a breath,
let my heart beat with you,
let my soul with you rest.


Blessings come
and Blessings flow
Blessings abound
don’t you know?

[There is but to ask
there is but to ask].

Stronger than any bond
any have ever made
Heavier than the sky
and lighter than shade.
Yes, blessings come
and Blessings flow
Blessings abound
and we know
there is only to believe
and for me
I believe

[There is but to ask
there is but to ask]…




There will be times when we yell at the universe with questions it seems to not answer. Our fist shakes, voice trembles, eyes cloud with anger, fear, doubt, or anguish. These times are hard. These times do not easily pass with any amount of gratitude. For in our deepest, darkest places -joy whispers and understanding wavers like a feather on the breeze.


I am here to tell you, joy does exist and the universe gives answers. Just not in the way we always expect. Perhaps it is a butterfly dancing, a child’s smile, tree’s sway, cricket chirping, a woman singing, man laughing… perhaps, gratitude in its smallest and most powerful form is simply acknowledging the language of the world to comfort us in hours of greatest need.


Un-aged advice for living

For all the ways I could say life is this or that
having yet to live until the age of experience gives me title
I shall simply say what has guided me thus far: Live your life in truth, be who you are and do so with courage, ferocity, and joy. You will stumble, fall, doubt, weep, mistake, mumble and crawl
but you will be you with all the rights that accomplishment contains. Wiser women and men have regretted not living, doing, or being so let us honor their regret with none ourselves and where they fell short, let us honor them and succeed.