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No stars

OSP (one sentence poem):

Because there were no stars, I wept; stones became wishes


The Search

Tiny fingers reach out towards the black expanse
poked with holes of light called stars
– they say dreams are there –
and so I long to go
laying in the arms of an old tree
I stare at the moon and watch her
watch me
and wonder if there are stars
here she longs to see

You are a poem

You are a poem
a word so deeply rich with meaning
every poet fears to speak you
that in doing so your beauty
will embrace them
with the knowledge of a universe filled with so many stars
the gods would be jealous.
Oh yes, you are a poem
and I have touched
the syllable of your soul in a glance
so as to not anger divinity
– for this –
I am blessed

and you… are a poem.

The Daring Adventures of Maxis

Lift up the edge of sky
peer into space
a million miles of
latch on to a star
comet to far away earths
drink waters of milky ways
find echo in a black hole
and cinch up asteroid’s belt
dance on bursts and nebulous tail
when he roars hide between galaxies
slide across rings the width of a hair
surf waves of light
to tag the moon
and return safely here

*The daring adventures of Maxis*