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Spring Storms

Storms passed by the other day and the way they came in left quite an impression. Quickly the sky changed from sun to cloud, the wind whipped up as if furiously pushed beyond its measure, and the tenor of the morning was electrified with anticipation. What was coming!?

Then without hesitation the sky opened as the clouds resounded its warning, albeit seemingly late. The windows were awash blurring every already muted color. The building shook with each beat of sky. It was over in a matter of minutes – a half an hour no more. It left us without so much as a kiss goodbye or much evidence it had come save for the homage of leaves and branches scattering the ground.

The sun took its place once more, the day was all the more clear.

Why I am not religious

Confinement wages war against the contents of wings

seeking to direct the will of the sun and moon

as if in acknowledging nature subservient to ink

it will be made true. 

But making true does not truth make.

Thus the only contemplation of caligraphication

is in the contents of my heart where 

the determination of the Universe is between 

only us and the only writing of truth

is in the bluebird singing and 

the composition of storms. 

Storms come

Storms have come
Rising up over hill
billowing white edged in darkness
creep into view
Wind once whispering, bellows
sky shutters its halls of blue in anticipation
and I remain on the cause and way of my life
patient and wanting
longing and waiting
for what I know must come
Ghost and sentry turn swirls of gray
sway trees bending to will
ground solid trembling
under footsteps of march
towards climax of thunderous striking
But I remain on the cause and way of my life
patient and wanting
longing and waiting
for what I know must come
The first drops of rain
tip and tide their way across my face
though flowers bow and kneel
My hands unfurl, arms reach out
against the fury now upon me
each clap of sorrow and relentless cry
Grasp I her body with my own
the reflection of my soul
to hold her trembling within me
and there is no turning back
no backward pedal cowering
when she accepts the longing of my heart
her veils of stratus furiously climb and coming
to cover the whole of my world
once peaceful quiet to a deathly still
replace with the rush of quench and drowning
so that before she is through
before she is finished
before she is resolved
before I am released
I will surely skyward fall
then upon awaking
only to find
upon the cause and way of life
patient and wanting
longing and waiting
longing and
I remain.

We struggle

we struggle with peace
when all we have known is war
we struggle with quiet
when all we have known is the whir of sound
we struggle with stillness
when all we have known is everything but solid ground
water crashing storm driving motion
chaotically reeling emotions
but we must face these unknowns
and we must face them with courage
standing or sitting
eyes open or closed
soul ready and fierce to embrace the will
of be still
and then
for we will always have war, but we can also have peace
we will always have clashing clanging, sand shifting, torrential rain storm breakings
but we will also have quiet solitude and the warmth of the sun
if we only learn
to have them
to welcome them
time to welcome them in.

Remember child…

Remember child, as you wander the paths before you, some will be difficult. The road will be filled with ramble, rumble and thorn. It will also lead you near cool streams and hearths of friendships fire. So do not despair when the cold wind blows and the howl of doubt and fear draw close. No keep your wits about you and press on towards the horizon of your dreams. For the journey is about the beginning, the end and all of the in-betweens. A life lived is caught in storms, left tear-filled at the base of strong oaks, and laughing in the arms of those who find you and whom you find. Finally, when the days come to their long conclusion – rest assured you arrived and rejoice in the stories you have written in the world by the heart within you. #BeYou and #NeverGiveUp .

Summer storm

first .

.  drop . . then

.  a .  nother . . as

. . cloud . s  gather upon . .  the hori . . zon

SSSHHHZZZAATT {{ rooooollllinnng }} BAMBOOOOM!

. . . and . . . the . . . .  drops

. . . .     . . .   . .   . . . .   . . . kurSLPAT and . . .

. . . . KURplop . . . in . . .

………  ……   …. …… SSSHHHZZZAATT {{ rooooollllinnng }} BAMBOOOOMBOoom!

…. /we take shelter\ …..

awesome summer storm.