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We struggle

we struggle with peace
when all we have known is war
we struggle with quiet
when all we have known is the whir of sound
we struggle with stillness
when all we have known is everything but solid ground
water crashing storm driving motion
chaotically reeling emotions
but we must face these unknowns
and we must face them with courage
standing or sitting
eyes open or closed
soul ready and fierce to embrace the will
of be still
and then
for we will always have war, but we can also have peace
we will always have clashing clanging, sand shifting, torrential rain storm breakings
but we will also have quiet solitude and the warmth of the sun
if we only learn
to have them
to welcome them
time to welcome them in.

I shall be bold

I shall be bold like the sun who in defiance of the night, storm and cloud, shines on anyway. I shall be bold like the maple leaf, who is cajoled by the wind and rain to fall but defiantly dances upon the finger tips of trees above an unforgiving ground. I shall even be bold like a whisper, who despite competition of voice lingers softly in my soul on dreams seeded the night before “go… do… you can.” So I shall!