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[In light of a very bad evening, I had to write and this is what came of it. It is not fully realized. It is raw. But… it is. That will have to be enough]


Every day
5 am
waking before the sun
has chances
coffee cup
walk the dog
feed him too
feed the cat
one and two
claim a solitary moment
5:30 am
shower and believe
the night dreams
down the drain
cleansing every beat
to new
6 am
wrinkled clothes
but no one knows
mismatched socks
check the clock
alarms sound brilliant
6:16 am out the door
grab the lunch
to eat in 20 – if your lucky
the coffee luke warm
traffic, tolls, and horns
blare and glare into view
7/11 sandwich to
make it through
7 am in the door
desks to move
papers to shuffle
emails to read
get a report
set up the board
read the plan
read the plan again
count the copies
and make some more
7:30 sign a document
discuss the little one
with family problems
set a time to
discuss trauma the day before
7:50 bell rings
little feet, little hearts, little about to be’s
scramble up stairs
deal with stares
and all the wilds outside
… you greet
some need hugs
some need a kind word
some joke
some smile
some fight
all touch the world
some bless
some curse
some are ready
and some are
so there is cereal in the drawer
and there is always more
some need love
some are trying to find it
some just need a pencil
for the 100th time
and so it is given
and so it is given – always
8:20 am the day some sit patient
some chatter
some clatter in late
grab their attention
don’t sit down
walk the room of 20
or 30
can’t sit that one there
must know this one needs
a walk with fresh air
or things get tossed
this one has no confidence
that one is never wrong
this one is just glad to be
that one is quiet and hopes
you don’t notice
but wants you to notice and
by 8:45 you have met each one
given instruction
asked for their contemplation
giving meaning to the world they
have yet to truly be in
9:40 the bell rings
10:15 lunch for this block
walk to noise
keep one back who struggles
because they cannot be
strong in the face of so much
so you forego your 20
of breathe
so they can breathe, peace
then before you know it
you are migrating down halls
clamoring into classroom
to teach them all
correcting where you can
lending words of hope
or direction
11:55 am
pent up angst
not a moment outside
everyone is tired
the sun is beckoning
this one wants to go to the bathroom
and that one is bored
so they want to go
desperately changing
the plan you accounted for
to meet them where they are
and what will keep their minds
fast upon the moments of growth
but that one said some word of desperation
to another who took it as a slight
now you must navigate ‘the fight’
alone with 20 or 30
little hearts waiting for you
to be the hero, the protector,
the leader, the fun and peace maker
and if you are lucky
you will not forget to pass out the work
give the homework
encourage them one final time
wish them well as they step out of sight
at the last bell
and then
meeting at 1:30 pm
forgetting to pee
its been since 6:15 but there
are things to do
planning the weeks ahead
a meeting to be had
maybe two
and out for duty
now it’s three
the world has spun
papers stack
thought not from lack of try
clean the room
gather a jacket left
write a note
check the email
attend conference
spend an hour tutoring
or maybe two
5pm the clock strikes
the traffic, tolls and honks
wait to greet tired feet
5:30pm if your lucky
walk the dog
feed him too
feed the cats
both one and two
scramble for dinner
while the computer lights
write a plan, check a test,
as the day winds and sees
you finally remember that
you had to pee!
7pm remember the dinner in the
maybe it will
till tomorrow
take a breath and breathe
call a parent
maybe two or even three
check in on hunger
address the fight
take off your shoes
and get ready for night
lay your head down
at some where between
dreams and want to sigh
maybe if your lucky you will get a solid 5
but then

the alarm rings
waking before the sun
you vow to get it better
than the day before
and this is

a teacher

Fire for Sam

She paces with

cadance, attention

and hesitate

in polished shoes

and polished smile


her hands fiddle

with paper pointed pens

eyes lingering over


she sat in the desk

just to the left

of wonderment

and infront of

never going to make it

but she made it.

And it is then the

world shift begins

The bell rings


a distant past

a mind of 12

and a heart of glass

she scuttled here

every day

in the every way

getaway life

of a nothing girl

the invisible world

of not bad enough

nor good enough

for anyone to notice

a slip through the cracks


a lingering spirit world

girl of just inside doorways

and subsequently out of way

when the Others

paraded by.

Even teachers

professors and mighty

persons failed to

figure her out for

more than a mously

girl with mousely hair

but… fate has a way

of hearing prayers…

fate has a way

of knowing the hearts

of even the smallest


and her whisper came

in the form of

Ms. Setaworldonfire!

She gleamed when she walked

into the room

a sense of pride

the newly doomed teacher

of English Comp 104


swayed to the back and forth

with a smile lingered

on hope and expectation

and plans

of great things

from each and


including Sam.

Could it be possible

one soul could reach out

of the darkness

see into the light

what every other eye

had dismissed

diminished by lack of


Could it be possible

for one hand to write

out the lines of a spark

so sharp

to start a fire in the

places called hopeless

and redefine the meaning

of maybe into a dream

of possibilities?

She straightened herself as

the clock stroked close to 7:50

the sounds of lockers slamming

doorways jamming

the smattering mattering

morphology of the life of school

transforming a building into

a world all its own

and living

began to breath.

Sam began to breath.

As one foot

two then three

until there were more than


Her smile

lingered back and forth

with expectation

fire made plans

that started in a desk

just to the right of wonderment

and just in front of

never going to make it

but she did.

“My name is Samantha…

This is English Comp 104. 

Yes please, shut the door… 

Shall we begin?”