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I am more

I am more than the cells
divided into the subsequent
recesses of mental fortitude
and fingers plying upon the
electronic boards of time
I am more than the color
soaked into the fibers of
tapestry laid out over bone
and sinew hardened by
time and aging
I am more than the constant
sounds of forgetful memory
lingering for a moment
and disappearing with each
celebrated year I breath
I am more
I am more than what you see
I am more than what they claim
I am more than the tv advertisements
played on the screen for half a world
to gawk at and find lacking
I am more than the words of angry men
more than the worlds of ancient pens
I am more than reflection of imperfections
gray hair growing
ache bending knee creaking
breast sagging toward the crone
I am so much more
I am earth birthing brilliance
I am sky gleaming cloud white summer storm
I am river ocean spilling out into
fire making islands dreaming
I am the veil canopy of night
poked with holes of experiences
stars and scars of a life living
I am the planets circling bravely
I am the comet passing silently
tail trailing with knowledge and
iced regrets and success- es
I am the milk and the way
I am Jupiter’s moons and
Saturn’s rings
I am distant song of seven sisters
merrily making light across a
thousand light years of melody
I am the universe in a sea of
universes born out of spark and element
blasting from the base ingredients of
Gods we no longer have names for
and falling back to Terra longingly
past rain drops and spheres
past every moment of doubt and fear
past every seed that ever dreamed of
reaching past the horizon and reaching
for heaven
past the words unwritten and
ink yet to dry
I am
and that is all I need to be.