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I want to shed a poetic light on abuse, in-equality, and bullying.  It is one thing I can do in my every day life to help make a difference.  You can too, by sharing a piece here that speaks to you to someone that may need to hear it.  Or if nothing else, visit one of the organizations I support like Over My Shoulder FoundationThe L-ProjectDiversity Role Models, Trevor Project, and Give a Damn Campaign.

Reach out today and make a difference in the life of someone who can’t. You will find the weight of love, the burden of friendship, and the plight of forgiveness is more joyful than the lightness of forget, the sweetness of popular, or the treasure of perfection.

The L Project Video

I have been trying very hard to only put poetry on my site – but I am making an exception here.  This video touches on something that is very close to my heart – some girls across the pond made wrote and performed this song about “It Gets Better” – they are The L Project.   Please watch this video and then download the song – it goes to raise awareness and money for charities working to prevent LGBT bullying among young people.

If you can’t view the video in this window – go directly to YouTube here >> It Does Get Better

Visit The L Project Web Page