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Time flies it does not creep

Time flies
it does not creep
or crawl
or divide
and make linger the longer
between wants of
watchmakers and
the anguish of lords.
Its long legs traverse
long roads towards ends
it will never see
pass monuments too soon
to fall in its shadow already gone
and still it will move on.
Oh, this time
fleetingly flies
fiercely against
the odds and
ends of my world
and will not stop
even as my breath
seeks solace in stillness.

Of Seasons | Autumn

Upon stillness
winter stood
while joyful
autumn bade
oak and elder
In comfort
spring lay
in mem’ry
summer softly



paint a picture of movement.

Yet, I sit still

watching paws tumble

over yarn and clammor after

stray bug bold enough to venture here

Page and cover linger near

begging to sate my appitite

Playing cards remain in boxes

Bills remain unopened

and unpaid – demandingly

set on the top of a pile;

papers unwritten, unread.

un un un

…  We all sit here


contemplating the pigment of time

as it meanders forward unaware of the

last brushstroke

content to just