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My branches

light shimmer

sit simmer

beneath leaves

to see


not a face you made

under different stars.

Under branches

heavy with shade

take the best of me

even, if you cannot stay.

for in the end

I am just this

rooted in soil of soul

writing words some will comprehend

others will never try

I digress….

you give me pause

when you glance back…

so please,

sit beneath

my branch and leaf

and if you cannot stay

I will be ok

there is nothing else to be



Beautiful lies

We all tell lies

We all drink bitter truths made by our own hands

And expect the truth of it to age well under our skin

We all expect our flaws to diminish and fade

And expect the cracks and chips to melt forgotten into our eyes

We all tell lies

we all tell beautiful lies




I have not thought good of you

in secret I have cursed your name and called you darkness

laid blame at your feet as an insolent child throws down a broken thing for having disappointed them with being fragile

given your motives meaning without consideration

comforted wounds I allowed to form without want of understanding

denied any possible truth mingled in your own hurt for fear it would be true should I consider the slightest piece of them

I have spoken ill of you in anger

letting the cracks in my own visage give me excuse to cast venom into the universe at your expense though you never heard them all, I know, you heard them

justified rage without seeing the other side clearly

avoided conflict for the distaste of conflict only to realize in conflict lay the opportunity for peace

And I cannot call myself a citizen of light, if I give no room for it. I cannot call to happiness, if I give no fight for the things that deserve it. And perhaps most importantly, I cannot expect you to see me, as I want to see myself, if I give you no other visage to look upon.

For all this,

I apologize.


In one year

In one year

I raged, wept, laughed,
stumbled, flew, dived,
and drowned.

names carried

like selfish, friend, love,
blind, cynical, hurtful,
and superficial.

words languished

became silent, seeking, slippery,
sharp, frozen, cataclysmic,
and rude.

places survived

found regretful, hurt, lost,
pity, lonely, worry
and sink.

and still I seek

I rage, weep, laugh,
stumble, fly, dive
and drown.

a prayer to whisper

hopeful for compassion, longing,
loving, faithful, fruitful,
and true.

to abolish in the next

uselessly just, intent, fear,
doubt, victim, lonely,
and self-inflicted.

and remember

to float, breathe, lift-up,
forgive, forget,
and be

unsinkable again.

The Universe sat down with the Poet

The Universe sat down with the Poet.

Both stared for a long time at the other.

Not a word passed between them.

Not a motion.

Not a sigh.

Not a wit.

Time paused in pondering

Twilight and Dusk settled down

Earth shifted nervously

Moon dipped the horizon under

and still the two stared.

This went on for days and many nights

the milky and the way

began to shiver…


as if by design

when even the hands of creation

spun idle

the two nodded deep and embraced.

When the Poet returned to her cottage

upon the green and embering way

a neighbor inquired of

the visit.

The poet smiled and said only this:


winked and retired.

When trepidation latches on

Cast the trepidation of your heart to the ground
dig deep
let earth disperse those unyielding tendrils
traipsing about in your soul, near bedrock and solidarity;
Earth is a familiar companion of carry weight
slow moving fate and withstand all.
Now plant the un-courageous thing
and boldly
step upon the foundations
of ever dream with

The mirror is broken [a haiku series]

The mirror is broken

edges separate my view

now I see both sides


The mirror is broken

the lines of communi’

cation match edges


The mirror is broken

like basho’s barn burning down

sight brings hidden truth



In other words …

my vision is changed when I see the world differently

how different is the world when I change. 🙂