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Morning frogs

 Light on warm breezes

the morning frog serenades;

a universe awakens

A thought

I could know the voice of Universe if I could translate the language of the wind
I would know the joy of it as well, if I could keep stars in my pocket
But then all wouldn’t be a mystery and the hope of discovery would be forgot

Secret of the Universe

or the day I ate a plum.

I sliced open a ripe plum
its tender insides released the sweetest fragrance
the seed shown like a treasure to be buried.
As I took it all in, I had the briefest of vision:
A tree, holding on to dear life
through fierce weather
violent storm
raging beetle and insect swarm
animal peeing and clawing
human leaning child swinging
all without regard
for the blossoms struggling
to open
then once its bright arms
reached out towards the sun
an invasion of stingers and
creatures stealing and sucking
the life of it
to transport the life of it
giving birth to
the life within it
this plum
which now

and I smiled – realizing the plum and I had shared the secret of the universe.

Puzzle Pieces

What sound do your dreams make
when you are reaching out
screaming up to the universe?
Mine resonate in pixel-ate-it color
searching to put the puzzle
of our rainbow colored world back together
after unknown fists have sought
fought and thieved away the pieces…
slowly away.


There will be times when we yell at the universe with questions it seems to not answer. Our fist shakes, voice trembles, eyes cloud with anger, fear, doubt, or anguish. These times are hard. These times do not easily pass with any amount of gratitude. For in our deepest, darkest places -joy whispers and understanding wavers like a feather on the breeze.


I am here to tell you, joy does exist and the universe gives answers. Just not in the way we always expect. Perhaps it is a butterfly dancing, a child’s smile, tree’s sway, cricket chirping, a woman singing, man laughing… perhaps, gratitude in its smallest and most powerful form is simply acknowledging the language of the world to comfort us in hours of greatest need.


You are a poem

You are a poem
a word so deeply rich with meaning
every poet fears to speak you
that in doing so your beauty
will embrace them
with the knowledge of a universe filled with so many stars
the gods would be jealous.
Oh yes, you are a poem
and I have touched
the syllable of your soul in a glance
so as to not anger divinity
– for this –
I am blessed

and you… are a poem.

The Universe sat down with the Poet

The Universe sat down with the Poet.

Both stared for a long time at the other.

Not a word passed between them.

Not a motion.

Not a sigh.

Not a wit.

Time paused in pondering

Twilight and Dusk settled down

Earth shifted nervously

Moon dipped the horizon under

and still the two stared.

This went on for days and many nights

the milky and the way

began to shiver…


as if by design

when even the hands of creation

spun idle

the two nodded deep and embraced.

When the Poet returned to her cottage

upon the green and embering way

a neighbor inquired of

the visit.

The poet smiled and said only this:


winked and retired.

Epicurean Oracle


in the center

floating just beyond g and x

in a cauldron of tomato and basil

underneath jkO, stuck together

and simmering near p

just beyond silver spoon stirring

were the letters


– serendipitous wisdom .