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In one year

In one year

I raged, wept, laughed,
stumbled, flew, dived,
and drowned.

names carried

like selfish, friend, love,
blind, cynical, hurtful,
and superficial.

words languished

became silent, seeking, slippery,
sharp, frozen, cataclysmic,
and rude.

places survived

found regretful, hurt, lost,
pity, lonely, worry
and sink.

and still I seek

I rage, weep, laugh,
stumble, fly, dive
and drown.

a prayer to whisper

hopeful for compassion, longing,
loving, faithful, fruitful,
and true.

to abolish in the next

uselessly just, intent, fear,
doubt, victim, lonely,
and self-inflicted.

and remember

to float, breathe, lift-up,
forgive, forget,
and be

unsinkable again.


Be Unsinkable

[ Written to Absolute by Helen Jane Long ]

Float on waves
light of the moon
Glide on air
beautiful red balloon
Drift over stone
on rivers casting
….. and
Trace steps of memory
to a place of rest
forgive the storms
love the night
give peace to tears
Find joy in flight
feather, free, and focus
on delight
cast off doubt
kiss fear ‘bye
dive in