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The Vote 2012

By our voices we move the nations
by our hearts we move the world.
Let us rejoice in this moment
and not quickly forget its passionate blaze.

The Vote 2012

Don’t Speak

Don’t speak
don’t type
don’t write
poetic drivel
or rhyme.
Don’t quietly
sit there and whine
about the losses
and the fine
examples of failure
held over
our heads
like we were
already dead!

Don’t whimper
don’t simmer
don’t wait
in patient
gratification of
state to state
motivated by
the need to
seek peacefully
the things
we should already


Take it
demand it
stop trying
to request it.

Because it’s not
a failure
to communicate
we’re not at a table
to negotiate.

Freedom is not a maze
to navigate
or a truce to appropriate.
Freedom is
and undeniably
branded on souls!
And from the first bullet fired
to the lantern lifted
setting the world on fire
to the shots on campus
ringing throughout memphis
to radicals walking
in masses
and women at the gate
facing threats
staring down hate
change was never
motivated, moved
or manipulated
by the bendable.
but by the immovable
foot planted
and well cemented
resolve of voices
raised up
and undeniably heard

so what are we waiting for?