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Rain dances over earth
masterful fingers
caressing nature’s keys
speaking length and shivering
like silver on satin

Each timbre, tone, and touch
the world slowly opens
savoring melody
effortlessly falling
from a mist-veiled moonless night

Wounds fill with tears
leaves upturn and undress
new buds bend in supplication
fervent prayers of devotion and longing

All of life breathes in, gasps, and cries
releasing heavy dreams of day
leaving me hopelessly jealous
face pressed to sill
fingers tracing love
slipping over glass

Wishful thinking

The page is blank

but my mind is filled

with colors of wishful thinking

in pails tipping and slipping

over the edge of my ability

to restrain.

Goddess of Mercy,

I can’t keep them from


dripping through my fingers

as I scramble to keep them

from staining

my dreams with gloss and

vibrancy of a life


for me

so I sit amongst the wreckage

the splattered mattered mess

of colors bleeding, blending and chasing

what’s left of will

through the cracks in

the bends of my mind

soaking my soul

instead of paper

because it

it is still


There is a willow in the wood

There is a willow in the wood

she weeps for want of wonder

lusting at the stars.

She digs roots deep

depths of longing

and deciduous dreams,

but as she reaches skyward bound

earth calls her branches down

wind moves her tresses fro

a lovers dance

then quickly goes

e’en bird and bee are free

to languish here and there

in blossoming of spring.

So the willow in the wood

wants but no one seeks or should

weep with her

when stars trapse below or

autumn beckons

winter’s snow.