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A postcard sits written
stamps adhere to edges
the front a cloud of words
mingled with sense
while the address
cries out to be sent
and yet
it sits
between the stapler
and the tape
held unmoved by
fear of trespassing
and the turbulent voices
of what if…

What if

… the world was a word
and the word was on your lips
would it taste of sweet cantaloupe
or persimmon’s emerald kiss?
Would it laugh at languishing in reds
and paint the world in crims’n
or prone to lavish simplicities
of diamond coated sins?
Would it be a lamprophony
of canter calling crows
or be silent as the barren wood
to slip where silence dare not go?
What if, my love, the world were I
and I of lashing dreams?
would I sate your soul
o’er lip, and tongue and cheek
to disolve in utter bliss
thine appentency.