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Blue is the color of the sky and other misconceptions

Blue is the color of the sky
except when it is waking
then it is a mellow
powdery orange molasses
bubbling up over horizon
over star and behind cloud
except when it is sleeping
then it is a deepening hue
to black speckled with dreamt
stars and hurried comets reflecting
a crescent moon to swim in
except when it is bold
and diligent in its summer ambition
hazed with the glory of worshiping
sun flowers and delighted by
the buzzing beasts beneath
except when it is weary
then it is grey and somber winter worn
radiating the chill of another day
in another place with another lover
called spring who has hidden
itself away yet again
but then
the earth moves and the sun saunters
high above its station
and the sky is blue with joy
a delightful blue calling
memories of childhood escapes
to backyards, too tall trees
and swings hanging from branches
Blue is the color of the sky
except when it isn’t
and then it is the color of our
wants, the hue of our need,
the shading of our memory,
and the present of eyes
willing to see.